About Us

The Network Opposed to Privatization of Health Care(NO to Privatization)

Is composed of groups and organizations of hospital workers, students, professionals and individuals belonging to the health sector and from other sectors united to oppose the policy of privatization.

The Network Opposed to Privatization was organized in 1997, in the midst of an ardent struggle against the government’s plan for the National Center for Mental Health to transfer the facility and sell its estate, the phase out of Tala Leprosarium, and the planned sale of the 4 GOCC specialty hospitals ignited the need to forge unity and cooperation to avert such moves and draw strength from collective action.

The government continues to pursue the privatization of health services through the Aquino Health Agenda (AHA): Universal Health Care thru PhilHealth and Private-Public-Partnership (PPP). Government hospitals like the Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC), San Lazaro Hospital (SLH), Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) and 25 regional hospitals are targeted for the PPP program..

Privatization policy made health care a commodity for sale to accumulate profit. Since majority Filipinos are poor they are deprived of the needed health care services - their basic right to health. The No to Privatization of Health Care members vow to defend the right of the people to health.

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